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JSFiddle starter for Vue.js

Do you want to create a JSFiddle to shoot out a quick Vue test, proof of concept or bug report?

Vue’s webpack setup gives you section dedicated for your templates.
Most JSFiddles I see have the template in the JS window using Vue’s template attribute.

I’ve prepared a fiddle that lets you use the HTML section.

Check it out:

Please, share your stuff in the comment below to show off your work!

LINK: JSFiddle starter for Vue.js

PS I don’t know why JSFiddle indents the code so weird.
It looks good when you open it on their site.



  • Thomas Groch

    Congratulations on the excellent blog. Great choice of subject.

    How could I include an external Vue2 component of github in the jsfiddle. Maybe using rawgit?
    Such as

    Thank you very much.
    Keep up the great work

    • Hey Thomas,

      sorry for the late response. Rawgit seems to be a good solution!
      You just shouldn’t use github directly, since it’s not meant for that purpose.